Being a dog parent is one of the best things in life!
All you want to do is spoil your baby with fancy treats and all the good stuff you can find out there.

We totally understand this super-crazy love because we are dog parents too! Woof Woof !!!

In fact, Barkisto was founded in 2014 by a young couple from London with a serious passion for dogs.
You probably know how freeeeeezing it is in London, and how expensive the merchandise is over there.

BTW This couple already owns 4 dogs! That's right, 4 dogs in one apartment :)
So after spending tons of time and money on dressing up their furry babies,
especially in the cold winter, they started to search and order online with
their own custom made designs. 

When their dogs began receiving loads of compliments they decided to start something of their own...
A store that will reach out all the dog parents out there around the world.
A store that any dog parent can find what they desired and receive it right at their doorstep. 
A Home that you can feel good in.

This is exactly how Barkisto was established, with love for dogs and passion for fashion.

We just started shipping worldwide and for free! You are welcome to spread the word
on Social Media.

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♡♡♡Barkisto Team♡♡♡