Reflective Dog Harness



Vest-type padded harness with multiple reflective stripes all around. Neck strap has quick-release plastic buckle closure, body strap has quick-release plastic buckle closure on both sides. Body strap is adjustable on two points by plastic fixture. Has lengthwise handle on back and two metal rings for leash, one O-ring on back and one D-ring on chest. Available in a variety of colors. 

Material: Nylon

Size Chest (cm/in)
XS 43-49 cm/17-19.5 in
S 48-60 cm/19-22.5 in
M 60-72 cm/23.5-28.5 in
L 70-95 cm/27.5-37.5 in
XL 90-125 cm/35.5-49 in