Joy Non-Slip Shoes



Set of four indoor nylon boots with closure of adjustable elastic drawstring around the ankle. Plain-colored with reflective stripe around the ankle. Has soft black fabric sole with anti-slip rubber appliques on bottom.

Material: Nylon

Size Width Length
1 2.5cm/1" 3.5cm/1.3"
2 3cm/1.1" 4cm/1.5"
3 3.5cm/1.3" 4.5cm/1.7"
4 4cm/1.5" 5cm/1.9"
5 4.5cm/1.7" 5.5cm/2.1"
6 5cm/1.9" 6cm/2.3"
7 5.5cm/2.1" 6.5cm/2.5"